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Hackability SpaceLift

plateau amovible pour fauteuil roulant

Che problema risolve?

We are developing a wheelchair tray allowing the user to recover some of his autonomy especially around cooking and eating, despite a heavy handicap .

Come funziona?

The tray is designed to be easily fixed to a wheelchair by the user herself. It has a large indentation on the front to load a plate and borders on sides to prevent things to fall. the tray is locked by the chair joystick. It can be lift and move around to eat, work on laptop or slice vegetable for example. The feet also allow Nassima to use it at bed.

Come è stato fatto?

The tray is made out of varnished mdf at this time. It has been cut with a cnc milling machine and then glued together.

We started with a field survey at Nassima (suffering from myopathy) and observed her various activities as well as the solutions she has already found to manage her disability. Then we conducted an interview with her to find the best solution for her needs. The answer is a tray that she can lock herself on her chair and that allows her to load her meal on to move home, make a meal tray in front of his TV or mince vegetables. The tray is also equipped with feet to allow her to have breakfast in bed for example.



We started with a cardboard mockup done on the spot directly on Nassima’s wheelchair with her help. Then we designed the tray on Rhino 3D using the measurements of the mockup. We did numerous prototypes iterations to find the right fitting on the wheelchair and be sure of the ergonomy of the tray. After we draw all the artwork on Rhino, we used a CAM program (Artcam) to program all the toolpath for cnc machining.



We then put all the datas on a sd card and cut every piece with a cnc router. We then used a hammer and a chisel to remove all pieces from the board. After that, we designed the small pmma piece that lift the tray on the right side of the wheel chair using Adobe Illustrator.


Lasercut wheels

Using this drawing wethen set up the laser cutting using Trotec Job Control. Then we cut the pmma holding piece with a Trotec Speedy 300 laser cutter.


finishing and assembling

After that, we sanded carefully all the pieces done with the cnc router. All the wood assembling was done using vinyl glue. We verified pieces positioning, and then we glued the pieces together and pressed firmly using clamps.


finishing and assembling 2

We did this with the borders, the traverse and the two legs, after all wood pieces were glued, we screwed the pmma holding piece with a drill. And we did as well with the holding steel profile on the left of the tray


final touches

we did some fine tuning (sanding and adjusting for Nassima’s whellchair). And here it is!